31 agosto 2006

My Grams

As you can see from my previous post, I was supposed to leave for Quito, Ecuador tomorrow morning. Today, however, my plans have changed. My grama was taken to the hospital where she eventually passed away. Many of you knew her personally or at least met her and so you know how special she was.

After my grandpa died (the summer before I was born) my parents asked her to come live with our family. She pretty much was a second mom to me.

My mind is swirling with thoughts and emotions right now--sadness to never see her smile again or smell her fresh bread baking in the oven, but also happiness to know that she is exactly where she wants to be. She is not sick anymore. She is with God. That is amazing to me. She turned 92 this past summer, but no one would have thought she was that age from the way she lived. She went out dancing. Literally. At my aunt and uncle's 50th anniversary this summer she danced with all of her daughters. That was one of her favorite things to do. Her life was one of celebration and I know that if she saw how sad we are right now she would say, "Oh, don't make such a fuss over me!" I love her and miss her, but I am happy that her life was one of joy and that she is even more full of joy in her new life.

As for my plans, I have changed my departure date to next Wednesday. She would want me to go on with my trip, so I will, but I am taking some extra time to process things and be with family. So keep checking back for updates after next Wednesday.

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