21 mayo 2007

Soy de la U!

One thing that I always regretted about my time in Spain was that I didn't go to a "futbol" game. So I made myself a promise that I would go to one while I was in Ecuador. This past weekend I fulfilled that promise. Now, some people might take the term "fair weather fan" as an insult, but I really don't mind. When I lived with my Ecuadorian family I rooted for the 2006 national champion team, El Nacional. But there wasn't an El Nacional game that I could make it to before I left, so I easily changed my allegiance to a team whose game I could attend. I am now an official fan of La Liga Deportiva Universitaria, otherwise known as La Liga. I even bought a jersey for the occasion. My friends, Megan and Emily went with me, as did our Ecuadorian pal, Jimmy, who is a HUGE Liga fan. Above is a picture of the Liga Stadium, La Casa Blanca.

Here are my friends donning their Liga gear as well.

I caught a nice head shot...action photos are tricky!

The crowd was fun and crazy. We opted for seats on the exciting but safe Northern side of the stadium. The Southern side is known for its extreme craziness (as in throwing things).

The team we were playing against was Emelec, from Guayaquil. They are the blue guys...we are the white ones.

Here's Megan and me. We really enjoyed the game--watching people, smiling at babies, standing in line to buy Salchichas (hot dogs). Oh yeah, and sometimes we watched the game. No but actually we did watch the game pretty intensely. Soccer is a great game because it's fast and almost always exciting. We expected Liga to completely demolish Emelec and were surprised that the blue team gave a good fight. Liga did end up winning, thankfully, so we left happy and now I feel like I really am part of the U!


Anonymous Mom said...

Great pictures Miranda!! I'm glad you got to go to a sporting event that is so much a part of Ecuador! Vive La Liga!!

8:01 p. m.  
Blogger bradfordlstevens said...

Sounds more exciting than watching the St. Louis Cardinals these days! Great blog Miranda! Thanks for sharing your adventures with us. We are keeping you and your kids lifted up in our prayers!

God bless,

6:32 a. m.  
Blogger Tiffany said...

What a fun day! My husband is big into soccer, but I'm more of a baseball girl. I guess that's the St. Louis still in me!

2:58 p. m.  

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