04 diciembre 2006

El Día de Gracias

I hope people aren't too dissappointed that I don't have any pictures for this entry. It's just kind of hard to take pictures when I'm just living here and working. If I was more of a tourist it would be easier.

Even though Thanksgiving has come and gone, and Christmas is just around the bend, I want to dedicate this post to things I am thankful for. Ecuador doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving, of course, but I was lucky enough to have a wonderful meal and celebration with the Marcum's (the missionary coulple here).

Ok here it goes...let the lists begin!

First, things I am thankful for in the States (aka "things I miss a lot"):
1. Family and friends (blogs and email are great, but nothing like real conversations)
2. Being able to understand everything everyone says
3. Autumn
4. Driving
5. Cheese (they really only have one kind of cheese here and its not very good)
6. Being able to drink water from any tap
7. Central heating
8. Hot water from any sink
9. Being able to flush toilet paper in the toilet
10. Shoe stores that actually have the shoes they show on display and that have size 9 or 9.5
11. People that say they will meet you at 3:00 and really show up at 3:00
12. Spicey food...especially Mexican (chips and salsa...guacamole)
13. Sarcasm
14. 819 E. Illinois Street, Apartment 207 and Felicity DVDs
15.Cooking for myself
16. Running / excercising
17. Walks with my mom to downtown Kirkwood and breakfast and conversation with my dad in Bread Co.
8. Fast internet connection in my house
19. Coffee shops that make really good coffee (not instant)
20. Other tall, light-skinned, light-haired people walking around

Now, things that I am thankful for in Ecuador:
1. A wonderful family that takes care of me here
2. Colonial architecture and beautiful, old church buildings
3. Friendly people who don't laugh when I make tons of misktakes in Spanish
4. Quito North Church of Christ
5. The Marcums and their cozy home
6. Soup, salad, chicken, rice, juice and dessert for $1.30
7. Public transportation (and people who use it)
8. My wonderful English students
9. The Andes mountains
10. 50-80 degree weather everyday
11. Guanabana, taxo, naranjilla, babaco, and other amazing fruits that aren't in the U.S.
12. Haircuts for less than $3
13. A culture that doesn't move too fast so they can enjoy life
14. The sentimentality of Ecuadorian people
15. People who are super interested in learning English (everywhere I go)
16. Morocho and empanadas (one of my new favorite foods)
17. Free live concerts in the park
18. Actual dances (salsa, merengue, etc.) that everyone (except me) knows--instead of the average American who just moves around (awkwardly) on the dance floor
19. Cuarenta (a popular card game that is really fun)
20. Futbol (aka soccer) and everyones enthusiasm about the sport and their particular team (El Nacional!!!)

I could go on with both lists, but this gives you some idea of what I appreciate about life (interestingly many things were about food...). I'll do my best to take some more pictures and get them posted. Thanks for reading.

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