18 abril 2007


I sent out an email with pictures attached but for some reason a few people didn’t get them. So I’ve posted them here for everyone to see. The first is of the new school that we recently moved into. It’s a converted cow barn. The second is of two of the students. The third is of Jhon and Jorge tackling me the weekend that I stayed with them while the house parents were gone. The last one is of Jorge dancing and being silly. That kid is great and he’s going to do some amazing things in his life, I’m sure. And when you know his background it’s even better. Jorge was living alone on the streets of a nearby town just a couple years ago. Jerry, the director of the orphanage, found him and asked him about his family and living situation. At the time he didn’t have a name or know his birthday. He chose the name Jorge because he “always liked the sound of it.” He’s my best English student and he’s definitely made an impact on my life. So there’s a little more information on what my life is like here. Enjoy the photos!


Anonymous mama and papa said...

MIranda - for some reason the pictures are not showing up on the blog. How can we see them!

10:18 p. m.  
Blogger miranda said...

Is this the case for everyone? I’m not sure what the problem is…when I go to the site I can see the pictures. If anyone has ideas of what the problem might be please let me know. Thanks!

7:05 a. m.  
Anonymous mom said...

What a blessing that Jerry found little Jorge! Imagine how different his whole life will be because of the opportunities he's been given at the orphanage! You're making an eternal impression on him as one of his teachers--God is blessing him and you!

10:40 p. m.  
Blogger bradfordlstevens said...

Thanks for posting the pix on your blog. I got your e-mail but the photos did not come through? I can see the impact you are having on those little ones. God is using you! Please know that you are in our prayers.

God bless,

4:19 p. m.  
Blogger Becky said...

I see the pictures, Miranda! :) What an awesome adventure you are having! You're amazing.... I love to hear what's going on down there! Just know that we love and miss you in the states and are so proud of you!

8:57 p. m.  
Anonymous Learn Spanish said...

That is awesome how you are able to teach Spanish to these kids! I would love to learn how to do that.

I've been learning Spanish for some time and have been taking some free Spanish lessons. They show all of the common situations that natives talk about. Situations about friends, family, school, and lot's of other stuff.

I'll keep searching to find out how I could teach English like you did. Any suggestions?

11:28 a. m.  

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