09 febrero 2007

Hacienda de Esperanza

Hi! Sorry for the incredible lapse in posts--especially when you are expecting pictures from my parents' visit. Believe me, they will come soon. First, though, I must explain why I am not able to write about the wonderful amazing time with my parents yet.

Three days ago, my life completely changed. I was looking for some change, and God opened a door of opportunity for me. I no longer live in Quito, Ecuador. I now reside in a small town by the name of Tabacundo. I no longer teach private English classes to adults. I now have a full-time teaching position at a school for children.

A few days before my parents came, Jerry Snyder, the director of the Hacienda de Esperanza (Hacienda of Hope) gave me a call. He said that their school was in need of an English teacher. I have always thought that I wanted to volunteer or somehow work with this organization. The Hacienda de Esperanza is a children's home (orphanage) with ten orphans that live with Ecudorian families. Just this year they began a bilingual school for the 10 kids plus the biological children of the families living here.

So I am the new English teacher for the school. I've only been on the job three days, but so far everything is going well. Kids make transitions a lot easier because they are so loving and accepting. There are some difficult changes, however. There is a lot less to do around here. The closest town is very small and I'm still getting to know the other adults. I'm living by myself in a huge house--two stories, 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a living room with fireplace, full kitchen with a comercial size stove and oven, and a dining room with seating for 8. So you can imagine that living alone in this space can get a little lonely. I currently occupy only one bedroom and one bathroom. This house was built for a family and orphans to live in, and someday it will serve its purpose, but until then, I am living in possibly the biggest house of my life. If anyone wants to come and visit, I have plenty of space.

So anyway, soon I will have time to post pictures and tell stories of my travels with Mike and Nadine, but for now I'm in transition. Thanks for understanding.

Also, if you're interested the website for the Hacienda de Esperanza is this: www.haciendaofhope.org


Anonymous Anónimo said...

I am so happy for your new position! Your mom showed me all the wonderful pictures and told me all about their visit. It sure sounded like you had a blessed time together! She was just glowing with the excitement of seeing you! I know the Lord will meet your every need in your new home! Sherry from Dr. Tony's

8:20 a. m.  
Anonymous Anónimo said...


The Lord had plans for you to serve there. I pray for you and I know you will do the best teaching. How blessed they are to have you. I can't wait to visit with your folks and see the pictures. Love you much. Ms. Jan

11:19 a. m.  
Blogger bradfordlstevens said...

Wonderful news Miranda. I know that the Lord will bless those children through you. We are so proud of you! :-)

9:20 p. m.  
Anonymous Anónimo said...

Hi Sweetie! what an opporotunity for you to get this experience! In your spare time maybe you can learn some of the native crafts. I know you like to knit and I imagine they hve wonderful yarns...we will be so glad when you are home but know you have really experienced an adventure of a lifetime. The Lord has blest you and the people you come in contact with! Hugs Lanie

9:30 p. m.  
Anonymous Hannah said...

holy cow miranda, thats amazing! your students are blessed with the best, most loving english teacher ever... i know they love you! and you're living in a mansion?! i'll pray for some roomates, and for extra vacation time so i can come visit :) i love how God's working in your life! blessings to you this week!

11:41 p. m.  
Blogger Becky said...

OH man!!! How much is a plane ticket to Ecuador??? hehe You know that Sarah, Hannah, and I would be there in a minute if it was possible! (and we had enough $$ and vacation time!) :) So proud of you and your new teacher position... you will be wonderful and those children are going to just adore you. So sorry that you're lonely... hopefully you'll get more comfortable with it in time. In the meantime, just have a big dance party by yourself in all of that extra space! We love you Miranda!!!

12:47 a. m.  
Blogger Amanda Tate said...

dang mrn, that sounds sweet! i'm glad you found that job. but weird about the house. just start taking kids in off the street.

2:23 p. m.  
Blogger alison said...

How completely wonderful, Miranda. It is amazing the hear everything that's unfolding around you there. Do you have any telephone capabilities??

9:04 a. m.  
Anonymous mom and pops said...

It is amazing to see how God is using your willing heart in SO many ways! It's great to be able to picture where you are and to have met the adults and the children who are now part of your everyday experience! We miss you even more since our 2 wonderful weeks together, but you're God's child and we're humbled to see His plan unfolding! We love you!

11:10 a. m.  

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