26 febrero 2007

El Día dos: Domingo

Day two of my vacation with the folks began with a Sunday morning church service at the Quito Norte Church of Christ. At church my parents were reunited with their college friend Sharla Marcum. Sharla and Kent Marcum began the church when they moved to Quito 18 years ago. I had fun acting as translator throughout the church service and my parents impressed everyone with their Spanish singing skills—who knew?!

After church the Marcums and the Runcies headed north to meet Jerry and Pat Snyder (the directors of the Hacienda of Hope children’s home / orphanage (where I currently live and work). We all met for lunch at a beautiful restaurant / hotel called San Luis. The grounds were filled with tall trees and exotic flowers.

After lunch we went to the Hacienda to meet the children and see what the place was all about (at the time I still didn’t know I would end up working and living here).

After a great tour of the property and houses, we drove back to Quito and spent the rest of the evening with Kent and Sharla and stayed at their lovely home that night. We got a good nights rest before the real Ecuador adventure started. Up ahead: Day 3, Monkey Island!


Anonymous your pops said...

Reliving the adventure is amazing and it is almost as exciting as the first time around. I am now anxiously awaiting the next installment of our trip. Thanks sweetie for reminding us once again of the great time we had. We love you.

4:50 p. m.  
Blogger bradfordlstevens said...

This is like watching a National Geographic special! I am so impressed with the natural beauty of Equador. For those of us who realistically will never get to see this in person, it is a wonderful chronicle. Thanks Miranda for sharing the adventure with all of us! We await the turning of the page.....!

9:48 p. m.  

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