14 septiembre 2006

Algunas Fotografias

i apologize for not getting pictures up sooner. it´s taking me awhile to get adjusted to this new city and life. also, i haven´t found wireless connection yet, so i have to rely on slow computers in internet cafes and their hours aren´t always convenient for me. i promise i will get better at this, but i hope you can be patient through the transition time. the picture above is the view from where i work. you can see the basilica in the background. it´s a beautiful church. i climed up the clock tower the other day and saw great views of the city. below is phillipe, another volunteer from switzerland, and maria, one of the ecuadorian cooks at the hostel. in the background is the kitchen. i´m sorry for the short post, but i have to run to my spanish lesson and then i go straight to work. i promise i will write in more detail soon and add more pictures. thanks for reading!


Blogger TheGlissonFamily said...

It's good to see what you see everyday. I'm glad you're having fun, but we should talk soon. The girls have forgotten what you sound like. Love you, Bek

11:05 a. m.  
Anonymous Anónimo said...

Hi little missy! Have you met any frenchmen yet!!!??? I'm waiting to hear! I think of you daily and you are in my prayers! Kiss Kiss

6:30 p. m.  
Blogger Becky said...

We love you Miranda! Keep up the good work! You're awesome!

7:01 p. m.  
Anonymous mom said...

Hi sweet girl! It was so good to hear about your 1st week! It sounds like you're VERY busy which is a good thing. We'll look forward to talking with you on Friday! love you!!

7:49 p. m.  
Blogger bradfordlstevens said...

Great to hear from you! Thanks for posting the picture of the church BUILDING. For some of us, this will probably be the only way we ever get to see Equador! But, we would love pictures of your bright smiling face too! You are in our prayers. No doubt, the Lord has some great things in mind for you. How many days is it until your birthday???

9:59 p. m.  
Blogger Conni H. said...

Hi Miranda! Thanks for sharing pictures. We are thankful that you are adjusting to your new surroundings and you are loving Ecuador. You remain in our prayers.

7:33 a. m.  

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